The Tejano Diaspora

The Tejano Diaspora, is a book written by historian Marc S. Rodriguez detailing the life and politics of Tejano migrant farmworker activists in Texas and Wisconsin. The Tejano Diaspora sent nearly 250,000 Mexican American farmworkers north to the Great Lakes and west to California, and in the 1960s built a civil rights, labor union, and social rights movement based on the politics of Mexican Americanism.
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Prof. Marc Rodriguez’s The Tejano Diaspora makes an enormously important contribution to historians’ understandings of the widening Mexican-American community and its reshaping of American politics. Based upon creative archival research and remarkable oral testimony, Rodriguez’s book makes possible a new understanding of one of the 20th-centuries great diasporas and its long-run significance.
Josef Barton, Professor of History, Northwestern University, and author of Peasants and Strangers: Italians, Rumanians, and Slovaks in an American City, 1890-1950 (Harvard studies in urban history)
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